22 April 2015

I know I have . . .

been gone awhile.  Just popping in quickly to say hello, hope all is well.  I have a whole bunch of posts coming your way including some "how to's".  Thanks for hanging in there with me. 

Planning and dreaming of warmer days ahead . . .

In the meantime, I thought you may just enjoy this perfectly lovely tumblr blog.  It calms my soul when I'm in need ~

12 January 2015



As I turn the shop space into a workshop studio space, the shop is undergoing a serious, but cosmetic, renovation.  More on that to come but for now, you'll find some display pieces, french doors, old windows, chairs, an old cast iron sink, knick knacks, doo dads and while I'm at it, some left over shop stock.  And, the best part, it's going cheap!

FRIDAY,  JANUARY 16th  4-7


08 November 2014

I'm being . . .

. . . enveloped in the most magical, all natural, scents of the season.

It never fails to amaze me just how much I still love the scent of fresh cut greens.  That first clip of the branch sends me into seasonally creative overdrive.  The workshop has been awash with their fragrance for a few weeks now.  But, this season, the all natural, engaging fragrance of our simmering spice blend is running a very close second.  Mmmm!

06 November 2014


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30 October 2014

'Tis the Season . . .

. . . to catch up and get ready.

I always feel like I'm saying "where has time gone".  Is it just me or is time really just flying by, all the time! 

Summer came and went, autumn has been well, interesting, and here we are in the final throws of October.  Hmm, how does that happen?

I have most definitely been neglectful of my blog, posting instead to Facebook.  A time thing really - not enough of it.  

It's been a jam packed busy time and I have much to share but for now, let's just say I have been making soap, sorting out creative ideas, working on photo shoots, managing the bee yard, rebuilding fences, gardens, sanding floors in the house, finishing a headboard and other projects for the master bedroom, getting mucky with cement for a garden project, weddings and flowers for weddings, filling the cold room and pantry with the summers harvest, enjoying every possible moment with our new great niece, and so on and so forth!! 

But now, as that most glorious of seasons begins to creep up on me, I have begun harvesting greens, planning and fine-tuning seasonal ideas and finishing outside projects before the you-know-what arrives.  So, for now, just know there is much to come as the season approaches.  I hope you will be excited by the additions to the line up and again, thank you for being patient with me and checking in from time to time.  

WINTER 2014 will be well worth waiting for.

01 September 2014

Blueberries and Figs

I like waking up to the sound of a nice rain on my roof.  It calms my soul.  The perfect day to spend in the kitchen making Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Syrup and Fig Jam.

I discovered the Fig Jam recipe over here at Missing Goat Farm.  
I made this condiment for my nieces bridal shower - paired it with brie cheese and an assortment of crackers.  Yum. 

The recipe is super easy, you will find it over on Heather's blog in the link above.
Nope, I didn't grow the figs.  Can't grow the figs here, it is way outta the growing zone for Northwestern Ontario.  But, my local grocery store brings them in and if you get there early enough you can manage to pick up flats that aren't picked over and squished.  

The recipe calls for Port.  Luckily my husband loves Port so there is always a bottle in the house. 

Fig with Port Jam, Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Syrup (with the lumpy bits of blueberry).  A great way to spend an otherwise rainy day.  

Happy Labour Day!  

22 August 2014

A quick evening stroll . . .

. . . around the gardens tonight.  Something I don't think I've taken time to do in forever.  The light was perfect and some of my very favourite things are coming along ~ better late than never?

Grasses ~ I go gaga over Wheat and Setaria every year.

This Agastache 'Indigo', survived I'm sure as a result of all of that fantastic 
s-n-o-w cover last winter.  It's a zone 5 and a stunning, dark tone unlike any of the others I have grown

The bees adore Agastache.

I have discovered a seed company that offers an incredible selection of grasses.  I can hardly wait to tuck these into a market bouquet.


And this precious little gem . . .  ADENOPHORA triphylla.
A charming Ladybell bearing flared open blue bells in whorls around the stem.  
She is much more beautiful in person.  I started these from seed last spring and am not disappointed by their petite nodding heads in just the perfect shade of purple blue.   A limited number of 2nd year perennial plants will be for sale at the market in September ~ a perfect planting time. 

Here's to evening strolls around the garden.  Rain or shine, enjoy a really lovely weekend.